Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Some days are simply too delightful to stay inside.  One recent Saturday, I caught myself feeling like the late Fred Rogers, humming his signature song about it being a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  We were having our driveways redone in our condominium association, so I had parked my car at a bit of a distance to keep it out of the way of the work at hand.  As I strolled to my car, I could feel the early-morning sun spilling over my head and shoulders, I could hear the birds singing and I looked at the blue, blue sky with billowy clouds.  How could it get any better than that?  Starting my day with a bit of happy song carried over to the remainder of the day, giving me a sense of gratitude, joy and deep, deep peace that I would be so fortunate as to experience such loveliness.  I heard myself say to several others that if we could only bottle a day like that one and enjoy it for another six months of the year, I would be totally content.  Alas, it's not possible in this Wisconsin climate, but I can hang onto that sense of gratitude, joy and peace, and carry it close to me, ready to experience every day.

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