Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beachy Memories

While dating, my late parents used to spend time at Point Beach State Park in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  They often spoke of happy memories at that lovely spot on Lake Michigan.  I have photos of them posing there, smiling, despite the wind whipping at Mom's coat. During a recent visit to Two Rivers, I wanted to visit that place that had been so special to my parents.  I briefly walked the beach, my feet sinking into the sand, the water rushing in and out to reach me.  I didn't want to leave without something tangible to remember the experience, so I reached down and hastily gathered up a few small stones on the water's edge.  It wasn't until I had brought them back home that I realized that one of the stones I had so hastily gathered was shaped like a heart.  A perfect memento to represent Mom and Dad's special place.

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