Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Good Time

On a recent warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, Larry and I decided to hike at one of our favorite places.  Butterflies danced around us, the birds sang and the changing leaves whispered as the trees swayed gently over our heads. It couldn't get more glorious than that. Few hikers take to the paths there and those who do never seem to leave debris or garbage behind of any kind.  So, when I saw a piece of paper along the path, I quickly picked it up, prepared to put it in my pocket and toss it in the trash after we got home.  As I picked up the paper, however, I recognized it as a fortune from a fortune cookie.  It read:  "A good time to start something new."  And indeed it is.  Over the past months, I have stretched my comfort zone and discovered that trying something new has been exhilarating.  It was just the message I needed to receive on the path that day, a reinforcement that my own personal paths are taking me right where I'm supposed to be.

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