Friday, February 21, 2014

A Bit of a Tussle

It was supposed to be a quiet Saturday evening, no special plans, just time to relax.  Earlier in the week, I had started feeling signs of a quarrelsome kidney stone.  Although uncomfortable, I figured I could weather it out and it would pop out without much fanfare as the others have done, save one.  On Saturday evening, however, the little thing decided to make itself known.  Gone were the quarrels.  Now, it was an argument that quickly turned into a heated scuffle.  The hours ticked by and the thing kept throwing fits until it must have passed, for things quieted down just about as quickly as they had started.  I somehow had thought I could soldier through it, breathing deeply and continuing to write at my laptop.  I soon realized that the stone wanted my full attention and that trying to breathe deeply, write seriously or even read casually were not to be.  Strangely, I found solace looking out the bedroom window at the pink-cast sky and falling snow.  The rosy glow of the sky made me feel peaceful, even when in pain.  I was rather limp the next day, but that turned out to be a blessing, too.  I've been pushing myself quite a bit lately, trying to work on three writing projects at once after working a demanding, full-time job.  That Sunday, my pajamas were my day's attire and my pillow never looked so good.  A bit of a tussle turned out to be quite alright (though, hopefully, not one to be repeated!).

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