Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Last Sunday at church, we responsively read text in our worship bulletins about the blessed, with such words as: "Blessed are the poor in spirit...Blessed are those who mourn...Blessed are the ones who seek justice.... Then, we heard the full words of Matthew 5:1-11, words that have come to be known as The Beatitudes. Using Inclusive Text, we heard that those who mourn, those who are gentle, those who are merciful, those who are peacemakers, we are all blessed. In our day-to-day living, it is sometimes hard to remember that we are blessed.  Two people at our church reminded me last Sunday of the meaning of the text we had all collectively read and heard.  One, who is facing the serious illness of an adult child, looked at me with the calm eyes of faith and said "Everything will be alright."  The other, a woman who is seeking some changes in her life, gave me the gifts of her kindness and generosity.  Even in the depths of our sorrow and our uncertainty, our fear and our anguish, there is reason to find blessing.  At times, we may have to dig a little deeper, but blessing is there all the same.  Each day this past week, I have continued my ritual of beginning and ending with three things for which to be grateful.  Such a check-in gives me focus to remember just how very much I am blessed indeed.

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