Friday, February 28, 2014

Quiet Center

Last Sunday, we sang a lovely hymn at church featuring lyrics that call the singer to find his or her quiet center, a peaceful place where one can let God in and feel the abundance of God's love.  I've found more and more lately the need to sit quietly, reflect, think and meditate.  Some of my meditative times are prayerful, my head and heart filled with words.  At other times, I can't form the words to express my feelings. Instead, I open myself up to the abundance of peace, coming to the occasion with no expectations, only with a desire to find that beautiful state that comes from centering and being quiet for a while. The everyday cacophony that fills my head and my world can only be mitigated by finding my quiet center.  I believe it was Marlene Dietrich (No, it was Greta Garbo!) who made the phrase famous, "I want to be alone."  Like her, I like the notion of being alone at times.  That is when I find the quiet center, and all of my wants and needs are filled.

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