Thursday, February 13, 2014

Going All Moony

My 2014 calendar indicates that tomorrow is not only Valentine's Day; it's a full moon.  When I read that calendar entry, I smiled, for what better evening to have a full moon than on Valentine's Day? On that traditional day and evening of expressing love and affection for another, it seems appropriate to me that it also be one when we can "go all moony." We can daydream and moon over a special someone and consider it justified.  There is nothing so intoxicating than to be in love, especially when that love is new.  One's surroundings seem blurred, as if in a dream, making the sky seem brighter, the scents sweeter, the jokes funnier, the possibilities grander, the world better. But, there is something even more enchanting to me about love that is no longer new.  There is comfort in a love that has seen some seasons. When love has matured, it has been through some tumbles and still stands firm.  It is deeper and built on commitment and steadfastness. So, whether love is new or not so new anymore, tomorrow's Valentine's Day full moon will be a great opportunity to "go all moony" over the one you love.

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