Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Being Disagreeable

I've noticed more and more what poor manners people display on television.  Their raised voices and harsh words are steadily becoming the norm.  I wonder what the effect will be on our culture.  When people disagree, both on the screen and in person, there is an increasing tendency for them to raise their voices, as if upping the volume will ensure that others know that their opinions are right.  If we keep yelling at and over each other, what will the end result be, other than impaired hearing?  Disagreeing with each other shouldn't have to be a disagreeable experience.  Offering a contrasting viewpoint should be treated as a respectful experience that contributes to a broader perspective and an enhanced dialogue. I learn so much more when I listen carefully to another person's perspective without interrupting, without judging and, most certainly, without raising my voice.  What would happen if we all spoke softly and listened respectfully?  It might not make for entertaining television, but it would certainly make for a better world.

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