Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Out for Fish

In Wisconsin, it's tradition to go "out for fish" on Friday nights.  Larry and I witnessed some avian diners at Devil's Lake recently who had gone "out for fish," as well.  Our first encounter was with a Great Blue Heron.  Normally, herons look tall with their long, skinny legs and almost as skinny necks.  We stood silent and still, watching the heron fold into itself like an accordion, first its neck curling like a hose, its head ultimately tucked into its body.  Then, its legs would fold until it was crouched against the water's edge.  All of a sudden, at lightning speed, all of the folded sections of the heron would rapidly unfold and its head would plunge into the water, coming back out with a fish in its mouth.  The process was repeated over and over until Larry and I decided it was time to let the heron eat without our watchful eyes.  As we ventured back along the south shore path, we encountered a bald eagle flying away from the lake with a fish in its mouth.  We were blessed to witness such amazing and majestic sights of beautiful birds going "out for fish."

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