Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fairy Tales

When I was a little girl of about six or seven years of age, I fell in love with some little paper dolls that came out of a Jack and Jill children's magazine.  I always loved it when Mom bought Jack and Jill for me.  We'd read every story together and do all of the puzzles.  One particular issue featured paper dolls of little fairies dressed in clothing made of flowers.  My favorite was a sweet little fairy with a dress made out of a violet blossom, with an even tinier violet blossom perched on her head like a hat.  I played and played and played with those paper dolls, fascinated by the fairy world I was imagining for them.  In fact, I played with them until the paper clothing tabs ripped off and the dolls themselves got bent up and finally had to be tossed. At this time of year, as I walk past front yard after front yard with violets carpets, I think back to my favorite paper dolls and wonder, just wonder if any of those violets in the yards I pass are the wardrobe of some little spring fairies.

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  1. When I think of paper dolls - I think of the ones in McCall's magazine. And when I think of violets - I think of the ones I would dig up, put into an empty milk carton brought home from school, and given to my mother with pride :) Once again, thanks for making my heart sing with memories - MJ


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