Monday, April 30, 2012

Giving Way to May

How is it possible that it is already the last day of April?  From a little girl on, I have always looked forward to April, May and June, wishing that those three months would stretch themselves out to equal six months.  And now, one-third of those delightful three months will be over, as of tomorrow.  In a normal Wisconsin weather year, April is that first breath of warm fresh air.  It's the month when daffodils and tulips brighten yards.  It's that month when the bare trees begin to leaf out and there's just a haze of spring green on the landscape.  The grass turns real, true green.  The birds begin to wake me up again in the morning with their happy song.  How can I let go of April?  But, alas, that's when I'm reminded that each day is precious, each day holds beauty, each day is a time for renewal and hope.  So, as I release my clenched fists and let April fly out of my cupped hands, I realize that May is being placed there instead, with all of its virtues and blessings.

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