Saturday, April 21, 2012


My husband would love to see us get a new television for our living room but I'm stubbornly hanging onto the one we have.  Purchased in the 1990s, its screen was at one time more than adequate for a typical living room.  But with the size of screens growing exponentially over recent years, our current TV now resembles more of the size of a computer monitor screen than the flat-screen TVs available today.  And this isn't the first such smaller screen TV we've had in recent years.  Just as our former TV set pooped out and Larry thought we could finally get a big-screen TV, we emptied my mom's apartment and ended up with her television.  My parents were products of the Great Depression when waste was considered a four-letter word.  Their values became my values.  Therefore, tossing away a perfectly good, though smaller-screen, television just doesn't agree with me.  When this TV does bite the dust, we're fortunate that there is at least one local business that takes old electronics for safe disposal and recycling and prevents us from tossing more junk into our landfills.

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