Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ladybugs, Nightcrawlers and Spring Green

These early spring days have been sublime and the signs of the season are everywhere.  The nightcrawlers have been out on the sidewalks in the morning. I have to tiptoe around them so as not to squish them.  After all, the robins need their nourishment and they may not find a squished bit of nourishment quite as appealing.  The flowering crab apples are in full bloom and the air has that fragrant, spicy spring scent.  An honest-to-goodness ladybug (not to be confused with the Asian Lady Beetle) was on my car door the other day. I caught myself standing outside of my car talking to it.  And then there's the color, that heavenly array of light shades of spring green in the landscape, revealing the budding of trees in various stages of leafing out.  Who couldn't love spring with all of its daily surprises?  Each spring day is like a gift of hope, renewal and life, wrapped in a spring-green package, tied with a bow of forsythia and flowering crab blossoms.  Ah, bliss!

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  1. I'm going to print this out, and tuck it away in my planner somewhere in mid-December ... as a reminder of bliss to come :)


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