Friday, April 13, 2012

It Just Clicks

While talking with an out-of-state relative recently, I mentioned something about our TV clicker and found that the other person didn't have the vaguest idea of what I was talking about.  When we finally resolved that I was referring to the remote control, we both laughed and I chalked up my use of "clicker" as something unique to our household.  My faith in my use of the English language -- even with its regional slang -- was restored when attending a conference a week later.  The speaker had to stop his presentation mid-sentence in order to ask for, you guessed it, the "clicker" so that he could advance his PowerPoint presentation.  And, amazingly, everyone in the room knew what he meant!  So perhaps "clicker" is another one of those words unique to Wisconsin, like "bubbler" (for drinking fountain).  Whatever the case may be, referring to our remote control as a "clicker", well, it just clicks!

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