Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Totally Awesome

One of my friends asked me recently to write a blog post about everyday words that have become so overused that they're annoying.  The word that irritated her the most during our conversation was "awesome." A word that at one time meant inspiring awe has now turned into a slang term meaning  impressive.   So, it's not unusual these days to hear someone say that something very impressive is totally awesome.  Another everyday word that seems to get overused lately is "sweet."  And guess what?  If you look up the slang definition of that word online, it means "awesome!"  Is everything in our life these days so incredibly impressive that we can't find other words to describe our experience?  What about saying something is beautiful or brilliant or magnificent or amazing or unbelievable or even great?  If we could just expand our vocabularies, even a bit, it'd be really sweet.

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