Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Buzz Word

It seems lately that I've been hearing a lot about innovation. We're all looking to innovate in order to function in this ever- and rapidly changing, competitive global economy. Innovation was the big topic throughout the recent edition of a favorite magazine -- primarily illustrated by one digital application after another. It got me to thinking about my own definition of innovation. I tie innovation, creativity and the human experience together. I see innovation as a thought that contributes to a new way of being, seeing or doing something. Such thoughts may manifest themselves as technological advances (and they often do these days), but I don't see innovation as being exclusive to technology. I think it can also be applied to such things as programs and initiatives that benefit society and our planet. I would like to think that the innovations in our world are not only seen through the lens of technology, but through the hearts, minds and actions of humanity.

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