Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice Song

Summer officially arrived yesterday with the summer solstice.  To observe the longest day of the year, I just had to have some "outside" time, both early in the day and again in the evening after dark. On summer evenings, I love to go to sleep with the windows open.  There's nothing like the cricket chorus and other summer night sounds to lull you to sleep.  Then, a few hours later, one wakes up to that fresh, clean smell of the cool morning and the jubilant bird choir.  Who needs an alarm clock when you have the birds to wake you up?  When I think of summer nights and early mornings, I think back to the frequent backyard camping experiences I enjoyed with my parents when I was a kid, first in the back of our station wagon, then in a tent, and later in a screen porch that Dad built.  We thought we'd really progressed when we moved our summertime outside sleeping arrangements to the screen porch.  These days, I've traded the backyard screen porch for a queen-size bed.  However, this kid-at-heart still raises her voice with the cricket chorus and bird choir in summer solstice song!

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