Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thunder and Blazes

My good friend Jim surprised me with the gift of a miniature circus wagon he made.  It's a bright orange circus cage wagon, complete with snarling bears inside.  It's made of wood with brightly painted "sunburst"-design wagon wheels and all of the details of the large circus wagons preserved at Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  And this miniature wagon isn't any "ordinary" (if there is such a thing) wagon model.  It's also a music box.  I don't know if Jim knew it, but he couldn't have selected a more appropriate musical selection for my circus wagon music box.  My all-time favorite piece of circus music is Entry of the Gladiators, also known as Thunder and Blazes.  It's an iconic piece of music, always associated with the circus.  I so appreciate Jim taking the time to make such a wonderful gift for me, especially since I know that such items are often reserved for members of his family.  Thanks so much, Jim, for helping preserve the "stupendous, colossal" memories of my 15 years working at Circus World Museum.  I couldn't have a more beautiful and musical reminder!

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