Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wanna Dance?

At my workplace, a new version of our Intranet is being rolled out this summer.  To help us get ready for the changes, we're learning about it through a series of clever and humorous, digitally animated videos.  On the first video, animated characters did the "dance of resistance" and the "dance of acceptance."  While chuckling at the humor behind the two characters and their respective dances, I couldn't help but think of those times when I might be standing completely still, yet I'm doing the "dance of resistance."  We always hear phrases such as "change is the only constant," but in this technologically advancing world, change is happening ever faster.  It's not always easy to have to adapt so quickly. Yet, to be able to adapt to change with some humor and a sense of adventure is indeed a dance -- a happy dance, if you will. When I go with the flow without worry or fear, I move with greater ease.  So, the next time I start to dig in my heels with resistance, I'll cue myself to think more broadly and with greater acceptance by asking myself, "Wanna dance?"!

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