Friday, June 22, 2012

Good Dads

During the past weekend, I had the opportunity to see two men interacting with their sons.  What made it a unique experience for me was that I knew those dads when they were the same age as their sons.  Time has a way of flying by, but I tend to only be reminded of it when seeing other people's children or parents.  As I watched Chris and Randy interacting with their sons, I recalled the boys they once were and the silly and fun things they did that made them so endearing.  But, now I view them as men with dreams and responsibilities, joys and sorrows, and sons who truly enjoy their company.  And their sons are neat people, too.  Teo has a clever wit, practical mind and mature outlook.  D.J. is creative and intent on carrying on a multi-generational family hobby.  So, congrats, Chris and Randy, for becoming the good men you are today and for being such great dads.

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