Monday, June 18, 2012

Dancing Butterflies

I had a glorious summer day off from work recently, so Larry and I decided to start it with a walk at Steinke Basin at Devil's Lake State Park.  And what a perfect way to start the day!  It's no wonder that our friends Ken and Esther Lange chose to be married at Steinke Basin and that Ken devoted an entire chapter to it in his book, A Naturalist's Journey.  For me, Steinke Basin is a sacred place. It is diverse in meadow, forest and marsh.  It's a lesser visited part of the state park. Thus it is often quiet, except for the sounds of nature.  And so it was on the morning when Larry and I walked out there.  We hiked the long road from the parking lot to the top of the bluff.  Along the way, the red-winged blackbirds sang "good morning" to us and the orange, yellow and blue butterflies danced around our ankles. The asters, clover and wild geranium were lovely in their lavender. At the summit of the road is a strategically placed bench, an inviting spot for reflection.  So, Larry and I accepted the invitation and sat there quietly for a while, soaking in the beauty all around us. Then, we headed back to the car. If there was ever a time when I felt I was in an enchanting place and that the moment was precious and to be remembered in vivid detail, it was that morning at Steinke Basin.

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