Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunny Side of Rain

I read in a book the other day a phrase I'd never heard before, yet aptly described how I had felt on a recent day: Smiling showers.  The sun had shone for days and days until the grass was turning yellowish, the ground hard as rock, the plants limp and the farm fields filled with a dusty haze.  Everyone was waiting for a good, soaking rain.  And it finally came one recent Friday evening and Saturday.  As much as I love a sunny day, I could only see the sunny side of rain as we watched the downpour.  And how the farmers must've danced with joy!  A rainy day is such a welcome respite.  The earth gets replenished and I tend to take it easier.  My to-do list looks less threatening on a rainy day and the easy chair and half-read book look more inviting.  So, I'm grateful in many ways for our recent rainy spell (those smiling showers) and all that it did to help us have a sunnier disposition.

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