Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Going Misty All Over

While on an early-morning commute recently, not only was my head a bit foggy from awakening earlier than usual, but my surroundings were foggy, as well.  At first, there was a beautiful layer of mist -- a low, thin, white ribbon -- stretched like a strand across the landscape.  The contrast of white to the green lushness of a late-summer morning was breathtaking, causing everything to look almost magical.  Ascending out of the Baraboo valley, the sun shone like a brilliant orb through the mist.  Then, without warning, the car was plunged into a thick, gray fog, causing the prairie to look strange, mysterious and unfamiliar.  Traffic slowed to a crawl.  Even tail lights were barely discernible.  Then, just as quickly as we'd been tossed into the fog, it began to burn off, revealing a bright sky and a beautiful day.  Once again, I was grateful to live where I do, where nature's magnificence is present all around me, every day.

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  1. This blog post gave me goosebumps ... thank you :) ~MJ


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