Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mound Builders

As early as 300 AD, native peoples called Effigy Mound Builders were creating ceremonial and burial mounds in southern Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, most of the 900 earth mounds in our county are long gone due to development.  Thanks to our local historical society, however, a rare and gigantic human-shaped earth mound measuring 214 feet by 48 feet is preserved at Man Mound Park, located just a few miles northeast of our town.  While driving the road less traveled from a nearby community one recent Sunday afternoon, Larry and I happened upon this important relic created by peoples of long ago. So we decided to stop in and take a look at it once again.  The "man" mound is standing facing north, arms down at its side, feet turned sideways.  He has something on his head that appear to be horns or perhaps a crown or headdress of some kind.  Most of the man's body is intact, but his lower legs and feet were obliterated by the construction of the road years ago.  I felt a sense of awe and respect while standing with the man mound on that sunny September afternoon.  I couldn't help but think of the builders of this great relic.  Little did they likely know that people in the 21st century would be examining and admiring their work and contemplating the lives of those who created it.

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