Sunday, September 23, 2012


My good friend Charlene and I had an opportunity to sing in church again today.  It was United Methodist Women's Sunday and it had an international theme.  Charlene, who I always, always refer to as the "brains of our singing operation," selected a lively, joyful song for us -- in three languages!  Thankfully, one of them was English!  I got to test my high school Spanish on one verse and learn Zulu for the other.  No matter the language, the song was about rejoicing and that we did.  What I found equally fun was watching the many choirs from around the globe singing our piece of music on You Tube.  Charlene and I used You Tube to help us learn the nuances of our song.  We are but a duet, and a middle-aged, a cappella duet at that.  We certainly sang with gusto today, but nothing like the many choirs of young people, accompanied by myriad instruments in myriad settings on You Tube.  Their music was a treat indeed.  Once again, I was reminded that there are many, many ways to make a joyful noise!

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