Friday, September 28, 2012

Having Fun

My friend Marcy told me recently that her elementary school-age daughter was home sick.  Marcy said that her daughter is the type who has so much fun that she wears herself out.  Now, isn't that a wonderful way to "wear" yourself out?!  Having so much fun, embracing life and its opportunities to the fullest?!  How often can we say that about ourselves, that we were having too much fun?  These days, all we read about is stress-induced illness, not having-had-too-much-fun-induced illness.  Perhaps we need to turn our perspectives upside down or inside out to see that life is brimming with more moments of wonder, enjoyment and fun, if we only let them in.  We may not want to have so much fun that we wear ourselves out, but we'll at least open ourselves up to more joy.  Many thanks to Marcy's daughter for teaching this adult a valuable lesson in life.

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  1. Change "do it" to "have fun"'s SOOOOO important. Laugh a lot. Big belly laughs. Go fishing, ride the roller coaster, run away with the circus.
    Here's a quote my cousin wrote last year.

    Do it because you can. Do it because you are who you are. Do it because someone should. Do it because, one day at a time, the calendar of life is running out. Do it because you will otherwise always regret it. Do it because no one but you, and nothing but your fear, are standing in the way. Just be sure to do it, before you cannot
    Thomas Lee


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