Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wedded Bliss

Amidst a crowd made up of circles and circles of friends and family, my goddaughter and her husband celebrated their fresh, new marriage with a reception, dinner and music at Devil's Lake State Park a couple of weeks ago.  They had been married about a month earlier in her husband's homeland of Colombia, South America.  Carley and Jose love the water -- they're scuba divers -- so it seemed especially appropriate that they would celebrate their recent marriage on a sunny, warm Saturday near a tranquil lake.  We raised a glass with Carley's father as he gave the toast, her mother led everyone in a bilingual song, and all present enjoyed an abundance of food and fellowship while wishing the newlyweds a life together of adventure and fun.  May Carley and Jose experience wedded bliss as they travel together wherever life takes them!

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