Monday, September 24, 2012

Song in Your Heart

I read the most interesting things on Twitter.  I have the good fortune of following some great people who bring inspiration and joy to my day, simply by the wisdom they impart in 140 characters or less.  One recent tweet from Soulseeds Coach (@soulseedscoach; said, "The pressure to conform crushes spirits."  That tweet made me think of a cute story my good friend Ellen shared about a little boy she encountered in a waiting room who was trying to be quiet, but ultimately, just had to be himself.  As she told it, the little boy was seated in a chair, silent. However, as he looked at a farm scene in a magazine, he started quietly singing a song about it.  Although he quieted down again -- for a moment -- after his parent scolded him, he started to sing again, this time more quietly.  He looked up at my friend Ellen and grinned.  The lesson:  If you have a song in your heart, really, you just have to sing it!  If you have spirit, don't let it be crushed by conformity.

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