Saturday, September 29, 2012

Red Stone, Blue Stone

While on the last lap of my evening walk recently, I passed by a house in front of which two women were seated on the front step, accompanied by a little girl of no more than four or five years of age.  I smiled and spoke to the trio and the two ladies replied, smiling back at me.  One of the women encouraged the little girl to "Say hello to the lady, Gabrielle."  But instead of greeting me, Gabrielle ran toward me, hand outstretched in a tight fist.  As she approached me, she opened her hand, revealing four little red stones and two blue.  Gabrielle told me in her sweet, little-girl voice that she wanted to give them to me.  So, she carefully poured her precious cargo into my grown-up hand and then ran back to the two ladies.  I thanked her for sharing her precious gift with me and I assured her that I would cherish them.  I look down at the six little stones as I write this post and I think of how lovely it is when someone gives so selflessly and joyfully, even to a complete stranger.  Once again, my life was touched by a child's wisdom and I am indeed the richer.

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