Monday, January 21, 2013

Parting Ways

My hairdresser informed me a few weeks ago that my hair wants to fall forward or part on the right side of my head.  For years and years, perhaps because I'm left-handed, I've been parting my short, pixie-cut hair on the left side.  So, to be dutiful and to prove that this ol' dog could learn a new trick, I either let my hair fall forward or I parted it on the right side.  Then, it struck me recently that I really like the "look" of my hair being parted on the left side.  Going against my hair's natural grain kind of pleases me and feels "right" to me.  So, I've abandoned my new trick and have gone back to my ol' hair-parting ways, thrilled at the thought of getting by with something (even if it is just parting my hair).

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