Monday, January 28, 2013

Screaming, Screeching Wind

The winter wind blew that evening.  It blew harder than I've heard the wind blow in quite some time.  It had a screaming, screeching, whistling, howling quality to it.  The wind chimes outside of our kitchen window clanged like crazy.  The vent above our stove-top fan clanked and clanked.  The gusts swirled around the u-shaped entry between our condo and our neighbor's.  And Larry was in Madison.  Oh, how I wanted him home so we can snuggle in front of the TV and watch something silly and numbing, just enough distraction to reduce the sound of that loud, loud wind.  I recall as a child growing up in the country that we would hear such loud winds, but except for the occasional bad summer storm now, I don't recall hearing such fiercely pitched, windy gyrations in recent years.  The wind was removing our 40-degree weather and ushering in sub-zero temps.  I must say that I was much happier with the 40-degree weather variety, but we'll take what we get and blow around with the wind, hoping to walk straight without flying away.

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