Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine

Our local public library has a display case for rotating exhibits.  The one this month featured vintage Valentines.  Although I had a long to-do list, I allowed myself several minutes to carefully look at and read each Valentine, their quaint sayings and colorful and predominantly red pictures drawing me in. I thought of Valentine's Days of long ago when children would purchase packages of sweet little greetings to share with everyone in the classroom.  I never thought to save all of the Valentines I had received during those elementary school years, but I believe the one library case exhibitor must have done just that.  It was during those elementary school Valentine years that I learned that x's and o's stood for hugs and kisses (or is it kisses and hugs?).  It was then that I learned that giving a Valentine brings just as much joy as receiving one.  Alas, today, I buy cards for only one Valentine, my very own King of Hearts, Larry.  After seeing the great display at the library, it made the selection of Larry's Valentine just that much more fun, searching for just the right card that asked him to "Be Mine."

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