Thursday, February 21, 2013

Icy and Dicey

I was so grateful that it was a weekend when the weather decided to be icy and dicey a few weeks ago.  Instead of having to venture out, I could stay put and watch the elements from the coziness of our home.  There have been years when I've used such days to do my spring cleaning, even if it's January or February on the calendar.  On that recent day, however, I used it as an opportunity to read from the stack of books by the big easy chair, make a healthy meal, exercise indoors and kick back for a day of rest.  It was a glorious day because I didn't need to be out in it.  If the weather was lovely all year long, I think I'd feel inclined to be active 100% of the time.  Living in a part of the country where we have distinct seasons with sometimes extreme weather, I consider such inclement days to be gifts, maybe even rewards for choosing to live where such weather fluctuations must be endured.  On that day, icy and dicey meant a perfectly lovely weather forecast to me.

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