Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Idle Chatter

In our everyday busyness, doing those things that seem to have such perceived importance, my husband Larry and I don't make lots of time to just sit and chat.  However, one recent Saturday took us out of town for the day where we found we had leisurely time together over lunch and again at a coffee shop.  This unstructured time was a gift, for it provided us with the luxury of idle chatter.   At first, we were quite quiet, collecting our thoughts, but then, we gave way to sharing funny stories and observations and then talk about deeper subjects, things that mattered.  I promised myself that day that we'd carve out more time for such meaningful pursuits.  Our normal lives still get in the way of such unstructured time, but we're working at it, for in the end, memories of accomplishing my to-do list will quickly fade, but not so the time spent with my loving husband leisurely discussing funny stories, observations and deeper subjects.

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