Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not the Remotest Clue

I admit that I'm not mechanical in the least bit.  That's one reason why owning a condominium is preferable to me over home ownership.  I'm just not handy.  I have no desire to put on a tool belt.  But, my lack of mechanical abilities really shown recently when the television remote control stopped working.  I replaced the batteries, making sure I had them in the correct positions, but the remote still didn't work.  Then, Larry changed the batteries and I still couldn't get the remote to work.   So, we decided that perhaps we needed to go out and buy a new universal remote control that can be used on most televisions.  The TV with the remote problems is older, so I figured that perhaps the remote was just wearing out.  Wouldn't you know, but the minute Larry touched the remote, inserted the batteries and tried it just one more time, it began to work properly again.  I haven't the remotest clue how that happened.

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