Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sound Check

My husband Larry is a booking agent, representing a large number of musical, dance and theatrical performers.  We had the occasion to attend a concert recently that was presented by one of his clients.  We arrived early in order for Larry to have conversations with the musicians and their manager, so we took in a portion of their pre-concert sound check.  I have never witnessed a sound check before, but was impressed with the elaborate and interesting process.  I marveled at how each person, whether musician or technician, knew his or her job so keenly that the process was seamless.  Each person operated independently, but cooperatively, recognizing that their cooperation would result in a high-quality finished product in which they could all be proud and satisfied -- the concert to take place that evening.  They called out cues to each other in a language with which I was unfamiliar.  Their ears were sensitive to the things I couldn't even discern.  On top of it all, the lighting check was taking place simultaneously, which was also an elaborate and well-orchestrated show created in time to the music and to the mood of each piece.  The next time I attend a concert, I'll have a greater appreciation of all that is involved in creating a seamless, beautifully presented show and all of the individuals who lend their expertise without overshadowing one another to make every element exceptional.

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