Monday, February 18, 2013

Lovin' Louis

My Grandpa Joe loved the writings of Louis L'Amour.  He seemed to really resonate for some reason with literature, TV shows and that part of the U.S. that represented the Old West.  Grandpa collected Mr. L'Amour's Western novels and often could be found with his nose buried in one of them.  Just recently, I read a quote attributed to Mr. L'Amour:  "There will be a time when you believe everything is finished.  That will be the beginning."  I don't know why he wrote that quote, nor have I fully researched it, and frankly, I don't really care.  What I liked was that those words held personal meaning for me.  We've all had or will have those times when we sense one chapter in our life closing.  We reconcile those endings, perhaps even grieve them (depending on how traumatic the ending is), but you will know when everything is finished and that there is something new to come.  As Mr. L'Amour wrote, "That will be the beginning."  In checking out some of Mr. L'Amour's other quotes online, I found that I appreciated his thinking again about enjoying our way along the trail, not the end of it, and taking time to examine what we want in life, making it happen without excuses about our past.  I just may have to be like my late grandfather and pick up a Louis L'Amour Western novel every now and again to see what other wisdom he may impart for my life. 

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