Wednesday, February 27, 2013

He Takes the Cake

I know a man who, on the surface, would seem to me to like working on cars, riding motorcycles and hunting.  And perhaps he does like to do all of those things.  I have no idea.  But what I learned recently was what a passionate and talented baker he is.  When he talked with me about what he bakes, I could hear the great passion in his voice for his creations and the tremendous talent he possesses in making complex treats that are almost too beautiful to eat.  Then, I saw one of his cakes and was amazed by the many dimensions and facets to it -- a colorful, meticulously done, three-dimensional scene that included elaborate cookies as part of it.  I encountered another man recently who had made beautiful and delicious cakes for his mother's birthday party.  Larry and I tasted his creations, which were moist pound cakes heaping with frosting and bisected by various delicious fillings.  What I learned from both of those men is that we all have passions, talents and gifts that bring out the very best in us.  Sometimes, those talents are a surprise to others, but not to those who possess them.  Those talents are part of their being, and I am blessed to witness them living and sharing their passions.

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