Friday, January 24, 2014

A Good Compass

Occasionally, I save little clippings from newspapers and magazines that feature quotes of interest.  I ran across one from July of 2011 that was actually my horoscope for the day:  "A difficult situation provides valuable new insight that reveals a new direction, previously invisible.  Pack lightly, and venture forward with a good compass."  I don't generally put much stock into my horoscope, but I did appreciate the message within that one.  I tend to like to pack lightly when traveling, but unloading our heavy burdens of worry, projection and fear can also be a way of packing lightly.  The human spirit is both invincible and fragile. At times, we will encounter difficult situations. What might we do with those difficult situations in order to create new directions, previously invisible?  What exciting things will unfold in this new year?  And where's my good compass?

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