Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Some Convenient Thoughts about Convenience

Modern conveniences are so...convenient, until they're not. Recently, our eight-year-old washing machine, which has been so faithful, has been showing signs of wanting some attention or possibly even to retire.  How one takes such things for granted until they're not themselves any longer.  I had an interesting conversation with someone recently about the conveniences we enjoy today versus those we had in our households when we were children.  We both came from houses without garages, comprised of small square footage and featuring only one bathroom. Neither one of our homes had central air conditioning.  Color television was a luxury.  Microwaves were unheard of. Yet, without all of those conveniences, our lives seemed whole and complete.  We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of large homes, from heating bills and taxes to a sense of wasted space when, in reality, you end up living in only a couple of rooms.  In the end, we decided that for all of the so-called conveniences that streamline our lives, it's really love that makes our lives whole and complete.  So, while I might mutter about our washing machine showing signs of strain and the thought of possibly having to replace it, what really matters is that I have love in my life.  Whole. Complete. 

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