Monday, January 13, 2014

Mesmerized by Mystery

With all of the channels one can see on television these days, you'd think that I'd be overwhelmed by the choices, hardly knowing which to choose next.  Unfortunately, I tend to feel the opposite.  I can flip through channel after channel and still not find anything suitable to settle upon.  Consequently, I turn off the television and resort to a good book while Larry works at his computer.  We sit in companionable silence, each focusing on our own entertainment.  Last Saturday evening, however, I settled upon something scrumptious, a mystery program on public television called "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries."  From childhood on, I've been mesmerized by a good mystery.  It began with Nancy Drew.  From there, I ventured into a couple of mystery books that featured teen star Annette Funicello.  Then, I graduated to Agatha Christie.  From there, one could say that I was truly hooked on murder (of the fiction, hardcover variety).  When I head to the public library, I often have to check out the mystery section first.  "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" take place in Australia in the 1920s flapper era. The protagonist Miss Fisher is smart, witty, independent and wealthy.  She's also curious and confident in her skills as a private detective.  The program I saw last Saturday was compact, completed in just one hour.  When it was done, I could have watched another episode, had one been on the schedule.  Instead, I'll wait until next Saturday night, knowing that for at least one hour, I'll have something indeed to watch.

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