Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lightly Dancing

I stood in front of the window, teacup in hand, for the longest time yesterday, watching the dancing snowflakes swirling outside.  It was one of those perfect winter weekend afternoons when everything feels peaceful and quiet, and one can actually take time to rest and ponder.  I was in the midst of a big writing project, but needed a break.  What better way to quiet the mind and stir the imagination than to stand silently at the pane, mesmerized by the snowflakes dancing outside?  It wasn’t a raucous, wild dance with lots of flailing about, nor was it so stiffly synchronized to make me grow tired of the monotony.  Instead, it was a magical experience with gently falling flakes twirling about, softly landing to the earth, creating a fresh, new blanket just thick enough to shovel.  Although I’m a spring kind of gal, at that moment standing at the window watching the light snowfall, I was glad to know that winter would still be around for another couple of months.

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