Saturday, January 18, 2014

Now, That's Harmony

I read a lovely piece on Facebook recently about the many benefits to taking part in music, what it does in harmonious ways to your mind and soul.  That same day, I also read a little news brief in the latest AARP Bulletin about how participating in music may also do much for your body, resulting in everything from fewer falls to fewer doctor appointments.  It made me think of the fun I have singing in our church choir, caroling with the Village Voices at Christmastime and doing a cappella duets with my friend Charlene.  Lately, in our church choir, I have been exercising my mind and my voice as I switch back and forth between singing soprano and alto, wherever my voice is needed on a particular Sunday.  It's quite fun to test myself to see how I can switch my brain back and forth to a different musical part, requiring concentration and adaptation. Whether one pursues music for vocation or avocation, there is harmony in mind, body and spirit by raising ourselves up in song.

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