Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Power of Symbols

I am coordinating the publicity for the free tour of historic downtown Baraboo churches, taking place on Sunday afternoon, April 6, 2014. This year's tour, featuring five churches within walking distance of each other, plus a movie shown at Circus World Museum, will focus on the theme of symbols in the Christian faith.  As part of my research, my pastor loaned me a book about symbols of the church.  I've found the book fascinating and the meaning behind some of the symbols interesting.  As I wandered through our church's sanctuary recently, I looked at the symbols, particularly in the stained glass, with new eyes.  Just in one window, I saw a shock of wheat symbolizing the Bread of Life, lilies symbolizing Easter and immortality, and a dove with an olive sprig, denoting peace, forgiveness and a new life.  Symbols hold tremendous power in cultures and faith traditions.  I'm enjoying the experience of gaining a better understanding of them in our community's downtown historic churches.

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  1. I'm glad you are getting the opportunity to see those beautiful stained glass windows with a new perspective. They are indeed filled with symbolism and meaning. The tour sounds like a whole lot of fun. Thanks for working on the publicity for it!


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