Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Popped Culture

I must really be out of step with today's pop culture.  Larry and I watched four televised awards shows recently and I only found two of the four truly enjoyable.  I always love The Kennedy Center Honors. There is an elegance to the program as the story of each of the award recipients is told and the person's accomplishments are celebrated by a star-studded cast.  Then, we watched a delightful PBS show honoring Carol Burnett with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. By contrast, we next watched the People's Choice Awards.  I didn't know many of the people who presented or who were awarded, I thought their jokes were lame and I found the show's pacing strange.  I eventually turned away from the TV because it was unsettling to watch. Finally, we watched the Golden Globe Awards.  The show's hosts, format and winners were high-spirited and entertaining, but still somewhat lacking for me.  What I realized by watching these four disparate shows is how much I have moved away from needing to feel a part of pop culture.  As a young person, one can't help but be more in tune with the desires and trends of the masses.  As I get older, however, my sights are set differently and I focus my priorities.  So, who knows how I'll feel when we watch the Tony, Academy and Grammy award shows.  For now, as I assess it, I believe my focus on pop culture has popped.  

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