Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dotted Sky

The weather was so fair that as evening came on, I could no longer stay inside.  I had to go out for a good, brisk walk in our neighborhood.  The scents of flowering crab trees and freshly mown grass, the bird song and the friendly hellos from people lounging on their porches and patios made me glad I had chosen to get some exercise rather than to plant myself in my chair on such a fine May evening.  The best treat during my walk, however, was when I chose to look up at the sky and saw that the clouds had swirled and swirled around into puffy white polka dots all above me.  I don't recall ever having seen such a cloud formation, yet there they were, cloud polka dots.  They reminded me of a summer formal dress that my mother made for me when I was a state officer with a Masonic group called Rainbow Girls oh, so many years ago.  The dress was sweet with little puffy sleeves and a gored skirt.  I'm sure it was a nightmare for Mom to sew, but as usual, she never complained.  Her sewing skills amazed me then and continue to amaze me today.  The dress was made of white dotted Swiss fabric.  I ran across a photo of my young self in that dress not too long ago.  Not a worry line or gray hair to be had, only a fresh face looking at the camera with happiness and anticipation of the exciting life ahead.  Pleasant memories, all because of a dotted sky. 

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