Friday, May 17, 2013

Should I Be Somewhere Else?

A dear friend told me that, as a little girl, she used to ponder "Should I be somewhere else?".  It was the beginning of her desire to explore new places.  Her work has allowed her to live in several states, in both small communities and big cities.  She appears fearless and possibly even blase when it comes to picking up stakes and starting a new adventure in a new place.  I was amazed that she could articulate her desire for exploration so early in life, especially when it didn't appear to have been fostered by her family.  I have always thought about such grand adventures, and even did extensive traveling with my parents at a young age, but my adult roots have been firmly planted in primarily one place.  There's safety in that one place in that people know you and they are more prone to do business with you simply on a handshake.  Yet, as I think about my friend making yet another big move, I celebrate that she looks at being "somewhere else" with such anticipation and joy.

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