Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sweet Surrender

I watched a video online recently about the benefits of surrendering from our preconceived notions, anxieties and fears.  I seldom like to surrender fully because I value having a sense of control, but when I do surrender to that sweet place, I allow life to do its thing and I only have to use my energy to go along with it.  I've realized lately that I have been moving intentionally and with my whole being into that new, sweet place.  When I surrender the sense of control that I usually carry on my shoulders and mind, the weight of it all lessens and often completely disappears. Because of that intentional action on my part, amazing things have started to happen.  When I don't force things to go a certain way (the way that I think it should go), a better way makes itself known.  When I see life as a series of curvy paths, the straight lines no longer look as attractive.  When I leave myself open to serendipity, a new way of seeing my life unfolds.  It's truly a state of sweet, sweet surrender. 

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