Monday, May 27, 2013

Flags Unfurled

It's Memorial Day and my mind goes to the sight of American flags flying high from poles, carried with honor in parades and placed at grave sites to remember those who have served our country so valiantly.  In addition to contemplating our beautiful American flag, my mind goes today to another type of flag.  Grandpa Joe always called bearded iris "flags."  Today, as we celebrate Memorial Day, I see that other type of flag unfurled and beautifully growing in yard after yard on my daily walk.  Those I saw today are half dark purple and half even darker purple, joined by those that are half yellow, half brown.  I've always loved iris.  Their bright beauty and delicate fragrance are sure signs of late May.  My mom always grew iris at our house and she learned along the way how hardy and prolific they can be.  One year, while dividing the iris rhizomes to encourage more growth, she discarded bits and pieces of some of the rhizomes into our field, only to find iris growing there the next spring.  So today, I celebrate and appreciate flags of all sorts.  Happy Memorial Day.

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