Friday, May 31, 2013

Be My Guest

A friend recently loaned me a book by Debbie Macomber called God's Guest List (Howard Books, 2010).  In the book, the author talks about the list of 30 people she had assembled as those she wanted to meet.  Along the way, she said that some of those who had been on her list were a bit of a disappointment.  So, through prayerful consideration, she made a new list, but this time she allowed God to fill in the blanks as to who would be placed on that list.  Her book lovingly and eloquently tells about the significance of the people on that second list in her life, people who were placed as "guests" in her life by God.  Reading the book made me think of the many wonderful people who have and continue to be guests in my life, placed there not by me, but by God.  They are people with kind hearts, loving actions, wise words, strong faith, joyful optimism and abundant hope.  What would my life be like without those special people in my life?  I believe that my life would be much different and likely not as rich.  I'm grateful to the guest list God has given me.  How about you?

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